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Classic Convertible car hire in Positano and Amalfi Coast

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Smart ForTwo convertible automatic

Smart ForTwo convertible automatic

The vehicle has a semi-automatic transmission, which means you don’t need to shift and there’s no clutch pedal. The Smart Fortwo has electronic stability control and seat-mounted combination side airbags. The Smart Fortwo has interchangeable plastic body panels, so the color of the car can be changed without repainting it. Its the ideal car for moving around in the narrow and typical streets of Sorrento, Positano, Ravello. Facilities Engine: 1000 cc Fuel: Gasoline Colour: White Seats: 2 seats Gear: Automatic Optionals: Air conditioning, CD Stereo   Rates to hire our Smart for two automatic convertible 1 day €12000 Join Now 2 days €23000 Join Now 3 days €34000 Join Now 4 days €45000 Join Now 5 days €55000 Join Now 6 days €65000 Join Now 7 days €75000 Join Now Extra day €10000 Join Now Book your Smart ForTwo convertible now! Related: deborah dubs injuries, are shane and shane married, trinity grammar school renewal project, robert fuller obituary cumming ga, 193 special operations wing commander, how much is marcrest...

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