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Classic Convertible car hire in Positano and Amalfi Coast

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Morgan 4 Plus 1983

Morgan 4 Plus 1983

The Morgan Plus 4 has been produced from 1950 to today, in three series. The long 1930’s-style bonnet covering the engine is closed with a leather strap. The whole line of the car recalls classic models, such as the large fenders, the cockpit set back and positioned between the rear fenders, and the short and sloping tail.
The Morgan Plus 4 is a sporty roadster with a four-cylinder engine. The latest version features a 2,000cc Ford engine and a Mazda-derived five-speed, rear-wheel drive gearbox.

Car features

  • Engine: 2000cc
  • Fuel: Gasoline
  • Colour: Milk&Coffee
  • Seats: 2 seats
  • Gear: 5 Manual
  • Optionals:


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